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Useful stuff to know!
We have Quest Scrolls, these you can complete for rewards, the reward table will not be shared. There are 6 tiers of scroll, uncommon, common, rare, ultra-rare, mythical and legendary. Each scroll will have multiple quests and the higher the tier the more difficult the quests. Once you have completed a quest scroll all you'll need to do is simply right-click it in your hand.
The Survival server has Pokédex Rewards, you can get these rewards by doing the /dex list command, you unlock a new reward after every 10% is completed
After reaching each level you will automatically receive these rewards.
-Level 5: Trainer role and $$$
-Level 15: Elite role and 64 PokeBalls
-Level 30: Veteran role and $$$
-Level 50: Champion role and a master ball
-Level 75: Master role and a random ultra-rare or higher custom enchantment
-Level 100: Hero role a park ball and $$$
-Level 150: Lord role and a random mythical or higher custom enchantment
-Level 200: Legend role and a Super 50/50 Crate Key
-Level 250: Titan role and E-Bucks
This command is only useful for breeders, it does what you think it does it allows you to set a pokemon so it is unbreeable so no other pokemon can breed with it. Once you have set a pokemon to unbreedable only the original trainer can change it back so be careful.
This command can only be used on the Survival Server, it can be used to find out the spawning conditions and evolution conditions of all pokemon. If you use /wiki {poke} biome, it will tell you which biome that pokemon can spawn in and it will tell you the times it will also spawn at. If you use/wiki {poke} evo, it will tell you all the conditions needed for the pokemon to evolve for example it will tell you the level, happiness, and time requirement.
All of our events are announced on our discord server along with the rules and how to play, we have;
Number Game
Legendary Hunt
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