Island/area suggestion


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Hi, im fairly new on the server and really enjoy it. I was wondering if by any chance we would add some part of the world make an island, or have an area where its an all out warzone. A feature where one has to have lvl 80-100+ pokemon to enter, and at this island you have increased rates of shinnies and legendary spawns. Pokemon are catchable and etc. The big difference is trainers can battle eachother, winner gets a form of incentive, like stealing a Pokemon or points. (Ive never really seen a points system with like separate shops with these points be made so idk) It forces trainers to compete and bring good mons and it sorta handles economy, bc if you get your pokemon stolen or whatnot, you can offer to buy it back, breed another or buy another. I know rules would have to be aligned.

I came from a server, (horrible ass server), that had this format- a warp labeled "Warzone" with most common small biomes
Major rules that were issues were/was
-a no trucing rule hard to determine this as a whole plus people are friends so its like annoying to deal with
-Kids being salty when they got their pokemon stolen which is why id encourage a points system with a separate shop with these points

some other rules that werent issues but placed for no advantage for spawned legendaries are
-No flying
-Fireworks w elytra
-pokemon are free for all, first come first serve
-random battle with people in the area every 20 min (you decide)
-kicked/sent to spawn if you lose

On the server i came from the main issues we really dealt with bc i use to staff it, were the children complaining about losing their pokemon, obviously trucing but denying it, and the less people who'd go bc they knew who would always win.
so id like to put, rules of ubers allowed, legendaries on teams would be a good idea. Also, it could flow with your daily events, like Mondays - Mono teams only Uber Tuesdays, Mixed Wednesday, etc.

With all the issues, id also say getting rid of the steal a pokemon aspect and installing a points system or incentives along with a personal shop with these points would work best.
i think this idea would make the server competitive and make other trainers go to this area to battle and compete for legendaries or compete in general for points.

This is just a suggestion, thanks for taking the time to read it all!


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Im thinking this would work well in the upcoming battle frontier with battle points being the currency and also what is stolen from players


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Dont know if youre asking me a question in regards to what is stolen, but if you bring a team to this warzone and you lose, the opponent gets to choose one of the mons you brought and lost with and keep them for themselves as a trophy or to sell.