Ban Appeal


New member
IGN: Sunarashi Alt: Kenarashi
Ban Reason: Duping

Ey yo Suna here, here to make a ban appeal. To be completely honest, there wasn't any real reason why I did what I did, I was bored and was curious when I heard about that whole deal. At the point of finding out, it was sort of more of a joke than anything else--since our whole group pretty much had everything we had wanted. For example, I had created a shit ton of bells and hung em all up in my basement and they rang really really loudly. Or, I spawned in a bunch of masterballs and redchains to trap randomass pokemon in masterballs. Honestly when I type it out, it sounds really stupid--but regardless it was pretty funny at the time, and that's usually where I get most of my hairbrained ideas from (Other people's entertainment).

In hein sight, I know that it wasn't fair to the server to do something like that. I polluted the economy, and didn't give it the respect it deserved after giving our group so much enjoyment and even new friends. We built a community, and I guess I just didn't remember how much I truly valued it.

Our group was considering returning to chill and have fun with the new update, and I'd love to join in and be a part of that again. This server is still honestly the best pixelmon server out there, but more importantly I really enjoyed the people/community. It didn't deserve the way I treated it, and I promise to do better.