Andy's Breeding Services


New member
In need of a Pokemon but can't be bothered to hunt ?
Don't have time to log in and check on your breeds because of work?
Don't understand the mechanics of breeding in Pixelmon?

Andy's breeding services are here to help you become the best trainer you can be, below is a photo of the current Pokémon i can make bp (battleperfect) for you, this list will keep expanding as time progresses my rates are as follow;
90-95% IVs - 80k
95-100% IVs - 90k
*Exclusive egg moves + 20k
*Specific Nature + 10k
*Specific HP (Hidden Power) + 50k

*Specific HA (Hidden Ability) + 30k

Depending on your request I can have your pokemon ready in 1-3days, Please DM on the server discord @SaucyAndy , Im pretty responsive

2020-01-20_07.05.35 copy.png
2020-01-20_19.58.10 copy.png