The Wonder-Trade Initiative

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    Hey you! Yeaaaah I'm talkin to you! Have you ever casually played on Eternia and decided to use /wt and wonder trade a pokemon in hopes of getting something better? But, to your dismay, your level 27 Charmeleon disastrously turned into a level 5 Rattata? :O Well do I have news for you! You aren't alone :(

    But have no fear! Because that's why the all new "Wonder-Trade Initiative" is here! I've come to the conclusion after hours and hours of research that the main issue with Wonder Trade is NOT just that people aren't willing to put the SUPER good pokemon into the pool. I've deduced that the underlying issue is that people are choosing not to put even semi-decent pokemon in.

    If a majority of the community only trades pokemon that are low level and serve no purpose, then of COURSE the chances of us getting something in return are far less!

    And I know what you're thinking: "
    ISn'T iT thE sTaFfs jOb"
    NO Mr or Ms! You're sadly mistaken! The job of filling the wonder-trade with decent pokemon lies within our hands and ours alone!

    So lets get down to what I want the goal to be:
    Every few days, add a pokemon with a decent level above 40 to the wondertrade pool.
    And for those of you who are our "Bigger Fish": FEEL FREE TO ADD IN ANY UNWANTED LEGENDARIES! I'm aware that you could get money off of them, but please keep in mind the lower level players who are just starting off and rely on the wonder trade to help them along!

    The Reward: A smile on your face and one that you know for a fact will come from that new player who just started off getting a lvl 40+ pokemon that they can then use to level up their starter and the other pokemon in their team!

    To start this initiative off I'll be periodically collecting and leveling up decent pokemon to then immediately drop into the pool, and any legendary that I get from this point that I know for a fact my friends have no need for will also go in--rather than to another player for a hefty profit!

    Have a good day and thank you for reading and considering being apart of this amazing initiative! Your service means a lot to the citizens of Eternia :D

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