How to fix not having enough RAM

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    A common issue people seem to have is their Technic Launcher or AT Launcher not giving the option to go above 1 gigabyte of ram. This is because the user does not have Java JRE 1.8 64 bit installed. I'll show in this thread how to fix it from start to finish.

    1. How to tell you have this issue:
    When you go to your Technic Launcher, you can click on the button near the top right of the window under the X. It will say Launcher Options. When inside Launcher Options, click on Java Settings, then click the drop down arrow next to Memory. If the only options are 512 MB, 768 MB, and 1 GB, then you have this issue. Pixelmon Recommends around 2 gigabytes to run. I have 4 Gigabytes as a buffer, but having 3 is also good.

    2. Downloading Java JRE:
    To download the correct Java that you need, you need to go to This will bring you to a page with a list of files once you scroll down a little. What you will do is click the "Accept License Agreement" then click on the file for your system. I recommend getting the installation file instead of the tar.gz. For Windows this is the .exe, Mac is the .dmg and Linux is the .rpm. Make sure to download the one that says x64, assuming you are running a 64 bit system. You will have to create an account to download this. Just put some mumbo jumbo for the company parts of the sign up unless you actually are in a company and want to put the right information.

    Once you have downloaded the file, just run it. Make sure Minecraft isn't open while you download it. Sometimes it messes up the installation. Once it is installed you can start up technic or AT Launcher and check java settings. It should give you the option at that point.

    One other good detail to note is if you are on the AT Launcher, it will tell you if you don't have 64 bit installed. It does give you a link to go to, but we found this link works better.

    Now that you can choose how much ram you want, lets see how much ram you need to allocate to pixelmon. First thing to do is check your computer's total memory. To do this, you need to go to the control panel. You can get there by clicking the windows button on the taskbar and typing "Control Panel".

    Once in the Control Panel, click on System and Security.
    Once inside System and Security, click on System. This will bring up a page with your system's specs on it. If you look in the "System" section of the information, which is the second section below "Windows edition", you will find Processor, Installed memory (RAM), System type, and Pen and Touch. Look next to Installed memory. That is how much RAM your computer has.

    Now that you know how much ram you have, I'll make a list of recommendations structured like this
    How Much Ram you have : How much RAM to allocate to pixelmon
    4 GB : 2GB
    6-10 GB: 3 GB
    12-16 GB : 4 GB
    16+ GB : 5-6 GB

    There is really no need to go over 6 GigaBytes of RAM for pixelmon as it is a relatively small modpack, and having too much RAM allocated can actually cause counterproductive issues.

    If anyone has any issues or any confusion about what to do or how to fix their issues, just comment below and I'll see how I can help.

    (if you have a MAC, its just a potato) :3

    ~1mccreeper (Conner)

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